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Julia Graves

Evening Primerose

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(Oenothera biennis)

gestation, infancy

Evening Primrose flower essence carries the energy of a nurturing joyous young mother. She lets go of her baby with easy and lets her child play. She knows it will tell her what it needs. She lives in the moment, and her and her child play happily together, playing and dancing through time. This night blooming flower that glows in the moonlight is universally applicable for shock, trauma and non-verbal messages absorbed in utero and infancy. It can be taken by the pregnant mother whenever she goes through trauma or fight with the mate etc. to protect the child.

It should be given to the infant or baby in cases of trauma, such as being in the arms of the mother as someone attacks her or screams at her, or if she receives bad news. Since there is no such a thing as a trauma free childhood, it is useful to release any profound trauma or for post traumatic stress disorder. It should also be given to any pregnant woman or young child in times of natural catastrophes or national emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or war.

Due to its trauma soothing properties, Evening Primrose can be used when a woman who either has lived through trauma such as war or rape while herself in utero or was born in a violent birth becomes pregnant or goes into labor. These events will retrigger the trauma. It is helpful with Bleeding Heart if the father dies or leaves before the child is born or while still very young.

Since the emotional climate in fertility clinics is often cold and harsh, once the fertilized eggs are implanted, Evening Primrose can be used to soothe the child that had to incarnate in a petri dish, rather than during the loving embrace of its parents. It is of prime importance when the mother attempted to abort the unborn, or wishes it dead in despair because she has gotten pregnant again right after confinement. Another important sphere of action for the essence are the children who were conceived as twins and their sibling died in utero or birth, or who have been given for adoption at birth or very young (with Bleeding Heart). Birth trauma here includes violent births, c-sections, or other birth  complications. Use with Purple Crocus if the infant lacked oxygen during birth.

Indications: intra-uterine or early childhood trauma, birth trauma, profound grief that, does not seem to be related to one's life as one remembers, children who are  depressed, spacy, not fully engaged in life, regressive behavior, unwanted or conflicted pregnancies, wanting the child to be of a different sex or different, rape in pregnancy, pregnancy as the result of rape, artificial insemination, twin died in utero, aids to release any deep trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, having been born in a traumatic birth (mother), lack of proper bonding due to early trauma, letting go of one’s child at birth, letting go of one’s children, letting go, adopted children, abandoned children

Attributes: releasing trauma, regressing in therapy to heal the inner child, to prevent birth complications

Uses in Bodywork: orally or externally on the belly for the pregnant mother whenever she goes through trauma, excellent in a mister or bath, during complicated labor or birth

Energetic Qualities: opens and balances the solar plexus chakra and opens the heart,
releases energetic blocks related to intra-uterine or early childhood trauma, lunar energy of conception, gestation, and birth


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.