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Julia Graves

English Daisy

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(Bellis perennis)

centering, protection

The little joyful Daisies that grow low in the laws of Europe help us maintain our center in the midst of commotion. It strengthens the aura and thus is indicated when we feel too thin skinned or raw and everything effects us in a negative way. Daisy flower essence protects the woman from sensory overload in a stressful hospital environment or any other busy place.

It is also useful to regain composure after a shock or trauma. Daisy has traditionally been used in herbalism after giving birth as it strengthens the auric field in the pelvic region, and is useful for bruising in the pelvis and its after effects. It is equally beneficial for the newborn to protect it from the hospital environment with its light and noise, and to strengthen its protective auric shield. (Please note that this is not Shasta Daisy, also called Ox-Eyed Daisy.)

Indications: being off center, feeling thin skinned and overly sensitive especially to sensory input such as noise or lights, easily loosing one's cool, feeling bereft of joy, pelvic injuries that entail internal bruising and bleeding, auric stagnation in the pelvic area

Attributes: restores a joyful centered mood, helps to relax into the pelvis, to regain centering after shock or trauma, helps women to feel and stay in touch with the birthing process

Uses in Bodywork: over the pelvic region especially after a trauma to the region to repair auric damage or strengthen the energy

Energetic Qualities: strengthens and widens aura in the pelvic region, closes and strengthens the aura, provides an auric buffer, releases trauma from the root chakra (see also Asian Lily), centers by way of strengthening the auric boundaries, allows the heart chakra to open once the auric buffer is intact


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.