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Julia Graves

Lady’s Mantle

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(Alchemilla vulgaris)


Lady's Mantle has of old been used in healing for women. The name invokes the image of the mantle of the Divine Mother, echoing the shape of its leaves. While the leaves look like an old fashioned cape, the flowers are little five pointed stars. Thus together they make for the image of the starry mantle of the Lady of the Heavens, who exists in so many cultures and ages.

Lady's Mantle flower essence protects the feminine essence. It is therefore helpful for women who undergo hardship, abuse, or attacks on their femininity. This energy is akin to that of the kidneys, and this energy in turn rules the sexual organs according to TCM.

Thus Lady's Mantle energy wraps itself around the person from behind, like a mantle. And of course the Divine Lady with the mantle will in many instances of iconography hold a baby in her arm. Lady's Mantle thus helps to energetically protect women and their infants in pregnancy and while breast feeding and caretaking them.

Lady's Mantle flower essence also opens the doors to the green world, helping us to attune to nature and the beings in nature, visible as well as invisible.

This strong connection to the green world has been an attribute of wise women who work with plant healing throughout the ages.

Indications: women who feel vulnerable, fragile, thin skinned and unprotected; women who feel degraded or attacked in their femininity or motherhood; women who cannot unfold their feminine qualities;

Attributes: strengthens the sense of self and being protected, helps to restore protective auric shield after rape or sexual abuse, or abusive situation especially by males

Uses in Bodywork: applied externally to the kidney area, to the heart, or in a bath or sitz bath especially after rape or giving birth

Energetic Qualities: fortifies the auric protection, opens the head chakras and the heart, helps to stand upright from the kidneys


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