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(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

receptivity, openness

Hibiscus flowers are the tropical flower of feminine sexual openness. They open and strengthen the lower chakras and thus assist those cut off from their sexuality re-access it. Pink Hibiscus flowers open with a gesture that illustrates the dilating cervix at birth. They energize and open the lower chakras, thus bestowing the sense of safety and happiness in the world that comes from being well grounded through the open lower chakras.

It can enhance fertility in couples where there is a lack of sexual openness and enjoyment, as well as fear of bringing a child into this world which is felt as unsafe. The woman might be cut off from a sense of sensuality and beauty. Hibiscus flower essence gives the feeling that having a baby is the most natural, effortless thing in the world.

Hibiscus flowers have been traditionally used in herbalism for reproductive heat or inflammation and excessive bleeding. Use near ovulation to enhance fertility if there is heat in the reproductive organs.

Indications: inability to conceive because of sexual blocks or blocks to sexual enjoyment, blocks to the lower chakras also from violent sexual experiences, for rigid os uteri – cervix not dilating in labor, for women who are caught in their heads and cut off from their bodies and the beauty of life, cervix not dilating because of previous negative birth experience

Attributes: sexual openness, increased sensuality, sexual receptivity, feeling safe and
happy in the world

Uses in Bodywork: on the belly or lower back during birth

Energetic Qualities: opening and strengthening the root and sexual chakras, grounding, strengthening the energy of legs and pelvic region


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.