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(Calendula officinalis)

youthfulness, rejuvenation

The radiant orange Calendula energizes the sexual chakra. Calendula has traditionally been used in herbalism to heal the mother after giving birth and is useful when there is laceration or yeast after birth. It strengthens the auric field in the pelvic region, and can thus be helpful to facilitate the birthing process if a block in the sexual chakra is present. It can also serve to energetically prepare the passage (compare Daisy).

Calendula is the flower of youthfulness and rejuvenation. The flower essence gives a
feeling of joy, playfulness, and humor. It dissolves the feeling of being old, depressed, or
not vital and cradles us in a cloud of warm, nurturing energy. It heals a broken aura in the same way the herbal Calendula lotion heals our injured skin.

Indications: listlessness, joylessness, negativity, inability to enjoy and be playful, feeling thin skinned and off center, stiffness due to joyless attitude and negativity, overly sensitive, feeling thin skinned, overly serious, feeling depleted

Attributes: rejuventaion, inner warmth, comfort, agility, joyfulness, feeling alive and energized, feeling centered and radiant, facilitates physical exercises like yoga, playfulness, contentment, gives a vital auric field as a buffer zone

Uses in Bodywork: helps the practice of yoga especially in run down or elderly people, perineal laceration – helps to heal and minimizes scar tissue, externally after a cesarian to help heal the incision

Energetic Qualities: energizes the sexual chakra, holds the life force in, strengthens the aura and auric boundaries, repairs auric leaks, moves energy into the belly


Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.